- ABOUT agd studio -


Ashley Gaffney Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio that focuses on branding and marketing design for daring businesses and experiential events.


After completing my degree in graphic design at SCAD and working in the corporate world, I decided to pioneer my creative freedom. I am a business-minded designer whose work affects the big picture and bottom line. An agile thinker, I work proactively to produce the best solution for the problem. I believe in quality over quantity, partnerships, adding value to each other, authentic expression and that education empowers our clients and clarifies our creative.

As a client, you get a direct line to my skills and my ears. I operate as a consultant and designer, so I analyze your business, or any starting pieces, and work to manicure processes, appropriate medias and customize a manageable system that caters to your needs. When you work with me, you become a more organized and efficient leader who possesses the tools and marketing collateral to support you through your social and business journey. Friends and clients, I’m yours for the long haul and succeed best when developing brands and creative strategies across a long-term relationship.