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ABOUT agd studio

 AGD Studio Branding Strategy Design Denver Colorado MBO.
 Ashley Gaffney AGD Studio Business Event Branding Strategy Design Denver Minority Owned Business

Ashley Gaffney is a creative consultant who focuses on branding, strategy and marketing design for creative businesses and experiential events.

AGD Studio is a creative communication studio that believes in building methodical brands that evolve in character and connection; all while bringing big ideas to businesses with extraordinary potential and insight. We are professional, methodical and relentless when it comes to consistency.

 Ashley Gaffney AGD Studio Creative Director Business Event Branding Strategy Design Denver Minority Owned Business

Ashley Gaffney

Ashley Gaffney is a multidisciplinary creative director & strategy director. After completing her degree in graphic design at SCAD and working in the corporate world, Ashley decided to pioneer her creative freedom and help build brands of those who do the same. She is a strategic designer who creates contextual work with the audience in mind. She has a love for cooking, immersive experiences and traveling.

Education: SCAD, Savannah College of Art & Design
Travels: Hong Kong, Koh Phi Phi, Seoul
Spheres of Influence: Food, Fashion, Gardening, Babes, Events, Typography
What I Bring to the Table: Optimism, Tough Love, Systems, Consistency

...did I mention, food?


Featured In:

Worked With:

Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO
Evangelistic Center, Kansas City, MO
Lively Paradox, Kansas City, MO
CurlKit Products & Publication, D.C.
Vega Collegiate Academy, Denver, CO
Colorado Children’s Chorale, Denver, CO

The Hair & Image Studio, Denver, CO
104 West PR Firm, Denver, CO
Sachs Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO
The Professional Communicators, Denver, CO
Razzmatazz Family Fun Center, Chicago, IL
“Kids Eat Chicago” Event, Chicago, IL