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Hi! I'm Ashley, a Colorado native who graduated from the I.B. program at Smoky Hill High School. Following graduation, I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in graphic design, and even studied abroad in Hong Kong before finishing my degree. At the time, I was certain that a corporate, 9-5 job was the right match for me and the lifestyle I wanted to live. So imagine my shock when I realized I passionately wanted to have creative freedom, make my own schedule and take control of my everyday! After 2 years as a full-time employee (and freelancing through the nights), I happily made the shift to owning my business full-time.

Currently, my creative studio creates branding and marketing design for the events, businesses and other entrepreneurs. From weddings to galas, branding businesses and handlettering, I thrive by using my art, organization and business skills to build relationships and help further the community around me. I believe in quality over quantity, partnerships, adding value to each other and authentic expression. I am an agile thinker, snappy dresser, and maker of sultry foods; a simple girl who doesn’t need much to be happy… just a delicious meal, tasteful music and work that is creatively fulfilling.