Thank you for visiting my site! For interested first time client, below are answers to some common questions 
about what services I offer, and my process when working with clientele. Don't see your question
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Q: What is included in any project and what are your starting rates?

Each project incorporates a time for brainstorming and developing ideas, a certain number of sketches or digital options, time for minimal revisions/updates, consulting and final deliverable files at the end of the project (delivered via DropBox or email, and consists of necessary file formats).

When paying for any design work there's always the physical deliverables, and the work that can't be seen, such as concepting. I'm excited to work with you to build the brand and visual aesthetic of your business, and even remotely, I will offer you the same type of quality experience and design work as all my clients.

Depending on the breadth of each project, the quoted price may include a built in fee for phone and sit-down meetings, researching, coordinating and working with outside printing companies, proofing work, or rushed timeframes.

Q: Can I ask for edits at any time of the process?

After we determine a quoted amount for the project, I will include a minimum and maximum number of edits you may request. However, if these edits surpass our initial agreement, or alter the direction of the project significantly, a new (additional) charge will be billed to you.

Q: Do you send proofs before you deliver the final images?
Yes! I always send you a final proof, and ask you to review it for spelling errors, or anything that we may have missed in the process.

Q: Can I send you images of what I think I want my design to be?

Absolutely, the more information you can relay to me helps us be on the same page as we move forward. The more specific you are the more it enables me to accurately understand which direction to go.

Q: How do I start the process?

The client brief enables me to further understand your business, your objectives and in turn design collateral that isn’t just visually pleasing, but appropriately in line with what you have in mind for your overall project! 

The client/designer process I follow includes an exchange of information about your company, needs, mission statement, goals and design objectives.  You can either type the responses up in an email or just attach comments on the original PDF document-whichever you’re most comfortable with. Based on that information, I will follow up with a meeting to ask clarification questions, review deliverables and to discuss the quote, and next steps of the process. At this point, I can also give you a more focused quote around what your services would cost.

Q: Do you work on jobs that have a rushed timeframe?

Yes, but understand, that the price you pay will include the immediate time I have to devote to your project. Meaning I have to put other clients work on hold to focus on yours in order to get it completed in a crunched amount of time. 

Q: What is your payment process? And can I pay in pieces?

Upon request, and depending on the project amount, payments can be
broken into sections depending on your project; typically the first payment after a direction and initial design are selected and the second half when files
are delivered. On most occasions, an invoice will be sent through SquareUp
which allows you to pay by debit/credit card without creating a user account. However, I am also connected on PayPal and Chase QuickPay if those work for you, or a good old fashioned check always works!

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