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Getting to Know You Questionnaire

Hi there! So honored to be a piece of your big day. There are so many details about each of you that I want to shine through in the design of the collateral, and these questions start us in the right direction. Typically this conversation takes place over the phone, but, if time and schedules are tight, a little "Questionnaire" never hurt anybody! I will follow-up to elaborate more on how these apply to the Design side of the Wedding and we will continue the conversation from there.

A Little Bit More About You
Let's start with your name! *
Let's start with your name!
Favorite social media platform? *
Red or White, Tequilla or Whiskey? *
(ie: the adventure, the thrill, the diverse cultures, etc.)
(ie: San Francisco, that's where we got married)
How would you describe YOUR overall style? *
About Your Wedding Day
How would you describe the style you want your wedding day to encompass? *
(ie: A supplemental map that tells our friends where all the Breweries are, a photos of my Grandma somewhere on the invitation, etc.)
Are you for/against a monogram? *
(ie: S/he keeps her/his cool while juggling 85 things and doesn't sweat the small stuff)
Next Step Meeting *
After I get a chance to review all your responses and inspiration, we will touchbase via telephone/video to review your order choices and clarify directive for the Paper Goods. Do you prefer to do this via...