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“ice cream pint” invitations

online ordering & customization form

Thanks for reaching out about your custom order of Ice Cream Pint Invitations! To the left, you will see samples of the full design package as inspiration. Below, you will find details on price, design, shipping and other specifics; as well as an ordering form to customize your batch of "Ice Cream Pints" for your party.

“the base” price per pint

Each pint starts at $15, which includes design customization, printing, and assembly (P.1). Purchase quantities start at 15. This price also includes:

  • A hand drawn

  • Sleeve design (P.9)

  • Lid design (P.10)

  • Blank wooden spoons for guests
    (P.3, the spoon can be customized with your guest’s hand-lettered name for an additional $1 per guest)

  • Invitation card (P.2)

“Toppings” add-on paper goods & signage

Other custom paper goods can be requested to complete your party setup. These include:

  • Chair Banner (P.4)

  • Tabletop Signage (P.8)

  • Bottle Labels (P.5, P.7)

  • Menu Sign (P.6)

  • Place Cards

  • Welcome Signage

The Process

Once I have received your order form I will create your custom files based on the information submitted. At this time I will also send the invoice for your order (checks and cards are accepted). If needed, rounds of edits are $125 per hour.

Following all approval(s), your full order of Ice Cream Pint Invitations will show up at your door— printed, assembled and ready for the party— within 10-12 business days! Rush delivery is available if requested.


  • 50% of your balance is due following your form submission

  • The remaining 50% is due after your “File Proofs” have been approved; orders will not be sent if full payment has not been received

Increments of 5, minimum of 10
If you'd like to replace the sentiment on the invitation with your own, indicate your phrase in the notes box below.
The colors in the design will change depending on the color scheme you plan to use for your party (2 colors maximum).
ADD-ON Hand-Lettered Spoons? *
Handlettered spoons are available for $1 per guest name. Leave your guests names below.
ADD-ON Paper Goods & Signage
The following pieces can be added to your order to setup the full Ice Cream Parlor experience. While printing can be requested for an additional fee, the price below is for digital files you can print on your own.
Here you can leave any notes about your customizations to your pints, and quantities for the paper goods.
How do you prefer to be contacted? *
Ordering Party Phone *
Ordering Party Phone
Mailing/Shipping Address *
Mailing/Shipping Address
Select an Arrival Date for Your Pints *
Select an Arrival Date for Your Pints
Our Ice Cream Pints are made to order, assembled in our factory and shipped to arrive right in time for the party.
Ashley Gaffney, Owner, Ashley Gaffney Design
Date *

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