Just last week, Jamie and Stephen promised their vows to one another in the majestic area of Glenwood Springs. They wanted a simple day; built with a range of blues, sunflower accents and a small intimate number of family and friends. In addition to their invites, I designed and produced a custom envelope, placecards and hand lettered names for the bridal party and their guests. I also worked with Jamie to develop a "welcome favor" for her guests, comprised of Christopher Elbow chocolates from their hometown which were placed in each guests' room to greet them upon their arrival.

From Jamie:

"I came to Ashley asking for help designing invitations for my destination wedding and place cards for the dinner to follow. Despite the tight turn around she was able to create something far more beautiful than anything I could make myself. The collaboration process with Ashley was exciting and fun. She was able to take half formed ideas and run with them. When I told her I was toying with the idea of placing the invites in the guests rooms accompanied by a small box of chocolates so- she made the brilliant suggestion to send Christopher Elbow chocolates for a little touch of home. The invitations capture the right level of formality and incorporate all the elements I envisioned. I am so excited to see how the guests react to them. I will definitely use her for future events and I recommend her to anyone looking for something unique and tailored."

Wedding Invitation Design
Placecard Design
Party Favor Ideation
Printing & Production