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Keg Cap Tap


Keg Cap Tap's origins are simple-to answer the question “What's on tap?” for those with home kegerators. Developed in science (and Colorado), Keg Cap Tap’s owner and inventor, Matt Ferris, set out to develop simple tools that kegerator owners can use to make their home kegerator experience more enjoyable, dependable and simple. Given it’s universal nature, Keg Cap Tap handle can be used again and again by home kegerator owners. While not new to the beer industry and market, Matt and his team needed a strategy and foundation platform to continue propelling their business forward.

Together we brainstormed a concrete mission, a year-long calendar of goals and objectives, new informational copy, a brand book, branded business collateral and completed a conversion of their website to SquareSpace – enabling them with a set of basic tools to further their success.


Business Strategy
Brand Guidelines

Print Collateral
Custom Patternwork
Art Direction
Website Design

Website Development