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Missus is a perfume of the free woman, with a bottle that serves as a sculptural interior decor item once the product has been used and packaging that can be reassembled into a holder for the bottle. It is a middle noted, floral and oriental blend traditionally extracted from honeycomb and other natural sources. The overall scent, bottle and package embody the ideals of a bold, independent woman who’s not afraid to be loved.

The goal in design was to create a bottle and package that work together to create an unveiling experience. In the bottle, the goal was aligning to the multi-faceted female persona to the bottle in a structural, yet elegant, fashion. For the holder, the goal was incorporating distinguishing elements that involve the customer physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as, designing a container that is recyclable and a conscious use of materials.

This was a collaborative project created with industrial designer Cesar Idrobo.

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