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– our process -


Our clients + partners are valued,
add value, and are design conscious.


Owning my business has been extremely rewarding for me. So many lessons, new people and exciting opportunities are always waiting with each project I work on. It's hard work! But, for me, it's all about the partnership-working alongside people who want to add as much value to me, as I them. Below is a general run down of my creative process–it's one that is ever changing (depending on the project or client's needs), but, sets a sound framework for how we achieve your end goal.


Time Frame

1. Review my website

2. Before getting in touch

3. Schedule Project Inquiry Appointment

4. 2 weeks prior to Project Launch Date


–- Peruse through the ins-and-out of my website to get a better look at me, my design niches and ways that we might be a fit for each other. I also recommend downloading my Inquiry Packet for new clientele.

–- Reach out via email with more information around your project and my availability. I may be able to add you to my calendar pronto, or tell you when my next opening is. If it's not a match this time, I'm happy to refer you to another designer I think would be right for you and your project.

–- Assuming all details have worked out, we can get a phone call scheduled to discuss more about you and your project. At this time, if the project is a match for me, I will send over a proposal of fees for your review. Upon your approval and a 40% deposit being received, your spot on my design calendar will be reserved!


–- On-boarding Conversations and details. Since I typically book projects a few months out, I like to have a meeting where we can reconnect. This gives me a time to learn more about you! Questions will range from questions around your communication preferences to what your "everyday" looks like. I do this to establish a relationship–an important piece of my brand–and to make sure we're a good fit for each other.