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50 Years of Eloquence


The following collection of images are a summary of the work brainstormed, designed and built over the course of a month for the 2013 Black History Month celebration at Hallmark Cards, Inc. This year’s theme, “Remember The Dream, Live The Legacy,” commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic, “I Have A Dream” speech; and celebrates those who paved the way, and the contemporary change agents, who continue to make their mark.

Being a part of the African American community I am familiar with our tendency to continually mix African inspired patterns with dated typography. Thus, I wanted to embrace the challenge of modernizing the African American aesthetic: ushering the elements that are essential to our history into the twenty-first century. The essence of this year’s Black History celebration is centered on select key pieces of the African American community: boldness, patterns, and a dash of eloquence.

CLIENT: Hallmark African-American Leadership Council at Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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