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Tummy Time Foods


The purpose of this project was to design an identity for a local start-up business aiming to unite families and communities through healthy and local options. The main difference between Tummy Time Foods and all the other brands is the packaging of the product. The goal in design was to create an energetic, yet professional, mark that could complement the physical collateral of the Tummy Time brand, and compete amongst the long line of products on the shelf.

CLIENT: Adrienne Edge
ART DIRECTOR: Ashley Gaffney
FOOD STYLIST: Ashley Gaffney
PHOTOGRAPHY: Trey Reckling
HAIR & MAKEUP: Serita Pittman, Atiras Hair Designs and Beyond

Retail/Interior Design
Verbal Branding Naming
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity and Development
Consumer Communication
Design Strategy
In-Store Communication
Mobile Device App
Package Design