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Wedding Design Contract

Welcome to the AGD Family! I am so honored to be selected as part of your big day. Overall, my role as your designer and creative confidant includes:

—  (1-2) 30 minute sessions for me to clarify specifics, styles and new questions; takes place prior to invitation suite being designed via video conferencing or phone

—  Discussion of theme, color, style and complete wedding suite design

—  Research of collateral details that fit your event style and budget and to provide you with suggestions and guidance in making the final selections

—  (If local) Attendance at [up to 2] vendor appointments of your choice

—  Development, and following of, a deliverables timeline for all collateral pieces

—  Picking up, delivering or organizing shipment for final collateral, day-of pieces, etc.

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Bride/Ordering Party Phone
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Secondary Contact Phone
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SERVICES 1.1 The services to be rendered by AGD Studio, to you, consist of those included in the previously accepted Estimate. Please indicate any of the "Optional Upgrade" add-ons here. These will be added to your overall invoice, and split amongst your remaining phases of payment. *
Ashley Gaffney, Owner, Ashley Gaffney Design
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