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— FAQ's —


Got questions? Below are answers to some common questions about booking, and my process when working with clientele. If you have any additional, feel free to send me an email: hello@ashleygaffney.com!


About Booking

Q: What is included in the AGD Experience?

Brands are developed as an audience interacts with the same “voice” time and time again. This message can be received via a logo or packaging, and it also delivered through messaging and visuals. One’s consistent interaction with the same “voice” builds the trust and friendship that define a strong, classic brand. From my time in Corporate America, I understand the impact consistency has on thriving businesses. It’s this same perspective that I use to analyze and refine the touchpoints of your brand. I pull in the right people, at the right time, to ensure your brand grows in the right direction. You are not only my client, but I am your consumer, providing direct accessibility to your target market. I observe. I listen. And then I execute with your brand at the forefront.

As a client, you get a direct line to my ears, resources and network. I operate as a business consultant, brand strategist and designer—so I analyze the start of your business and work to manicure processes, appropriate medias and customize a manageable system that caters to your needs. This grooms young businesses for corporate success when it comes to marketing, design and understanding their audience. From there, AGD Studio methodically, and creatively, works to represent your business, to your audience, in the right places.

Q: How does payment work? What methods of payment do you accept?

We ask for a 50% deposit to hold your place on our calendar, 25% mid-way through your project and the final 25% once everything is approved and before final files are sent. Depending on the project amount, we are flexible to split the remaining payments over the remaining number of months/weeks of your project. Typically, clients pay online via card, but, we also accept good old fashioned checks and Venmo.

Q: How do I start the process?

Fill out our "Project Application" so we can begin to learn about your business and overall needs. If we're a good fit for each other, we will reach out with next steps!

About the Design Process

Q: What's your design process like?

Thorough and goal oriented. I dig deep to get into the heart of your business, to reflect the essence of your brand into every piece of the work created. Each of my projects are crafted completely around what makes your business different, so making sure I understand the nuts and bolts of your business is important to me.

Q: Can I send you inspirational images that speak to our brand?

Absolutely, the more visual information you can relay helps us be on the same page as we move the project forward. I suggest starting a Pinterest board with images of emotion, details, spaces, and experiences on behalf of your ideal client. This will keep us on track to craft your brand essence, instead of replicating someone else's.

Each project has a set number or "revision rounds" to keep your project on track and moving forward.

Q: Can I ask for edits at any time during the process?

Of course! I send you PDFs for review throughout the process and ask you for general feedback.

Q: Do you send proofs before you deliver the final images?

Q: What design deliverables do I walk away with?

Each project package has different design deliverables based on your needs. But, to start, all our projects include: Client questionnaire(s) and worksheets, a Pinterest collaboration, and other resources to help steer the project and brand. Get in touch to see which package is right for your needs!