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branding Client Resources

Inquiry Packet

Get to know a little bit more about myself, the studio and the way my process works. Looking forward to learning more about you!

Diligence Checklist

No one should know your business like you do. With a solid foundation and vision I am able to work more cohesively as your partner to turn that into designed collateral that speaks to the mission and essence of your brand. But, you have to do your due-diligence!

Creative Brief

This document asks a series of questions that help you clarify detailed direction for your brand, and help me represent that vision artistically. A "must do" assignment for all new clients! Download and fill it out before scheduling your Consultation Meeting.



Guest Addressing Sheet

A correctly formatted spreadsheet is required before I can begin designing your wedding envelopes. See the formatting instructions in the sheet for details. One spreadsheet per order. If you have more than 10 address changes after initial proof design, a $25 spreadsheet re-import fee will be charged, so please check your addresses carefully before submission!